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ITC Maurya, A Luxury Collection Hotel, New Delhi,

India’s culture lies at the heart of the Indian experience… Journey through a majestic land of ancient customs and rituals – and recapture the spiritual and medicinal legacies of India; home to some of the world’s most precious stones and metals – such as diamonds, ruby, gold and platinum. The healing stones, music and therapists’ hands will be effectively integrated into an experience that is deep and meaningful to each person at a spiritual level. The universe is the energy of the soul and from this energy comes life, consciousness, and the elements. Deep within the “dance of the elements” lies the secret symphony of life.

Experience it at Kaya Kalp – The Spa

Our Services
  • EXOTIC POMEGRANATE A unique combination of fruits such as pomegranate, which is a deep-cleansing antioxidant and lime, mixed with organic brown sugar, allows the body to be gently exfoliated. Using a powerful blend of traditional oils, the mind is guided into a rested state which induces a sense of peace. • Deep cleansing • Removes stress of our daily living • Powerful blend of traditional oils
  • PASSAGE TO INDIA Discover the magic of Ayurveda. Allow yourself to drift away on a quest for solitude, where indigenous herbs and spices are lavishly applied by our highly skilled Ayurvedic therapists. Some of the key therapies available are • Guided Meditation • Abhyanga Massage • Shirodhara • Mung Bean Exfoliation
  • KAYA KALP MASSAGE Our signature massage is designed to relax the entire body, focussed on relieving muscular tension while combining wonderful soothing strokes for the ultimate massage. This powerful aroma therapeutic massage incorporates dynamic blends of essential oils personalized according to your specific needs. • Professional and skilled therapists • Signature Massage • Dedicated treatment rooms
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